Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Final presentation jury members

There will be no less then five members of the jury for the final presentation. There will not be time for all members of the jury to express opinions about every group's presentation. In fact, I believe that perhaps two members of the jury will be able to comment on each group's presentation and these will for the most part be feedback and an opinion/review rather than questions (there is no time for that).

These are the member of the jury:

- Jonas Olofsson, Business development manager at Bonnier Research & Development
- Björn Thuresson, Senior researcher at KTH/CSC
- Kristina Sabelström Möller, Technical Doctor (KTH) and Senior project manager at Expressen
- Milad Hosseinzadeh, Architect, Entrepreneur and guest teacher at KTH/Architecture
- Anders Malmström, CEO for Bonnier International Magazines


About: Jonas Olofsson is a business development manager at Bonnier Research & Development and has spent the last three years working with digital media innovation there. Projects he has worked on include News+, a publishing concept for Bonnier's morning and business papers on tablets; Filmnet, a subscription streaming service for movies and tv series, and the I Am Zlatan Biography App, a storytelling concept/new reading experience of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobiography designed for the Ipad, which was launched together with Zlatan in Milano this spring. Jonas starts each year with a deep-dive into the latest developments in consumer behavior and emerging technologies, leading up to and indeed becoming the annual trend report "Media Map" which is distributed internally to all Bonnier companies. Originally from Kalmar in southern Sweden, he has a cross-disciplinary degree in business, design and technology. 



About: Björn Thuresson is a senior researcher at the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He has a BA in Film Studies and Journalism and an MA in Film Studies and Media and Communication. Björn has been the research coordinator for the MDI Department and project manager for a number of national and international projects. Björn is currently running the meeting place VIC Sthlm with more than forty member companies and organizations, including almost all computer game companies in the Stockholm region. Björn has been instrumental in starting up and arranging Game Developer Forum in Stockholm (GDF Sthlm) in 2010, 2011 as well as the upcoming 2013 event. Björn is responsible for the KTH courses "Computer Game Design" (DH2650) and "Cooperative IT design" (DH2655) and is also a member of the management team for the vocational training program "Future Games". Björn is also responsible for the Visualization Studio at KTH - a lab environment with extremely high performance technologies for visualization, interaction, presentation, distribution and production. The studio is used for activities within research, teaching as well as various types of collaborations with companies.

About: Dr Kristina Sabelström Möller has a long background working with publishing in digital media. With a starting point as a researcher focusing on organization, content handling and technology for multiple channel publishing at KTH, she moved on to working internationally for the publishing association WAN-IFRA. Her work for WAN-IFRA included management consulting for international news organizations, trend spotting and project management within the area of digital media. Between 2010 and 2012 Kristina worked as a senior project manager at one of Sweden's largest evening newspapers, Expressen, coordinating the complex project of starting to charge money for digital content. Kristina gave the lecture "Stunning technology is not enough - There's more to the future of magazines" in our course on Sept 25.

About: Milad Hossainzadeh is a young architect and entrepreneur who was born in Iran. He grew up in Sweden and has lived in London where he graduated from UCL The Bartlett School of Architecture. He is currently based in Stockholm, working at the leading Scandinavian architectural firm White. He shares his time as a member of Urban Land Institute and the recent startup of BLINK - a transnational think tank for responsive ideas of changes in lifestyles, cities, cultures and economies. Milad gave the lecture "Thinking inside the box from outside!" in our course on Oct 10.

About: Anders Malmsten started his career in media as a journalist in the early 1980's, working as a reporter and editor in several daily newspapers in Sweden. In 1993 he was appointed project leader for developing Dagens Medicin (Medicine Today), a newsweekly aimed at the medical profession. Dagens Medicin became a success in Sweden and Anders Malmsten headed the launch in Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands and Poland in the 1990's. In 1999, Anders was awarded The Great Journalist Award, Sweden's most prestigious journalistic award, for the launch of Dagens Medicin. In 2002, Malmsten left Dagens Medicin to start his own consultancy and worked for several Nordic magazine publishers as well as governmental organizations and corporations. After Bonnier's acquisition of two groups of magazines in the US in 2006 and 2007, Malmsten was recruited back to Bonnier to start Bonnier International Magazines, focusing on licensing Bonnier's magazine titles and the development of new markets. Anders gave the lecture "Digital and global magazines will change the future for magazines publishers" in our course on Sept 7.

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