Saturday, November 17, 2012

Important info about book, deadlines

We have a tight schedule for the book. These are the official deadlines + other info that have been decided upon in the coordination group:

- Sun Nov 18 at 18.00. Deadline for suggesting trends you want to offload to Daniel/book introduction. No less than 10 groups have suggested (at least) one trend they want to upload up until this point in time. NOTE: I'm away for the weekend, you have an extra day for suggesting trends you want to offload from you chapters compared to earlier info, i.e. Sunday instead of Saturday.
- Mon Nov 19. Daniel will publish info about what trends he will take care of. He might push some trends back to the project groups to take care of in their respective chapters.
- Wed Nov 21. Daniel will have (at least a draft) for the book intro written so you can see what is taken care of in the intro and how to shape the "interface" between Daniel's book into and your individual chapters.
- Fri Nov 23. Deadline for chapters, all texts should be sent (together with pictures) to Hanna.
- Tue Nov 27 between 10-13. Writing workshop in seminar room 4523. Send two persons from each group catching the last spelling errors, for fixing the final touches on the texts etc. These two persons should preferably be the persons most involved (i.e. responsible) for your texts and they can make on-the-spot decision.

New info (never before communicated - IMPORTANT).
I have read your weekly report (week 46). Many groups have internal deadlines for their texts in the beginning/middle of next week. Sometimes you become almost blind to you own errors and assumptions, so I hereby mandate that each group should read the text of two other groups and provide feedback to these two groups. That also means that your text will be read by two other groups and that these groups will provide feedback to you. I have organized this as follows:

I have created a Google document. Do note that anyone with the link can access and edit this document. Please follow the instructions in the document!


  1. Daniel, I have a question. When is the deadline for sending the text to other groups?

  2. Well, my idea is that the first three groups to sign up on the Google document (linked above) send their texts to each other. If the last three groups are very late at signing up (finishing their documents), it might happen that they don't have time to read each others' documents and thus won't get any feedback.

    In short: there is no deadline, we match group together as they hand in their texts. Early groups with other early groups, late groups perhaps not at all...

  3. Hej Daniel,

    We've already had the deadline pushed up from Sunday the 25th to Friday the 23rd and have clamped down on our schedule to make sure we're writing something of high quality with enough time to review it and catch any errors. We've planned many group meetings to review the text and edit it, as well as leaving time for us to all read it individually. We already are tight on time, and it is only going to detract from the quality and editing of our own content if we have to allocate new time to meet and review two other group papers. We don't have the same objective background others do of their topics, and any serious suggestions we have, their group will not have enough time to affect.

    We'd like to opt out of editing, so we can use our remaining time to focus on writing the best paper we can.

    Audience of One

  4. The whole point of this exercise is to increase the quality of all texts. Don't you think it would be useful to have two outsiders read you text with "fresh eyes", perhaps catching things you have become blind to having read and edited your own text so many times? Don't you think it's worth diverting a member of your team to reading to other groups' texts in order to get quality feedback from those two groups on your text?

    I guess you can opt out of the review process, but that means you have to be really sure of yourselves as to the quality (coherence, spelling etc.) of the text you produce...