Monday, August 27, 2012

Cancelled/postponed lectures week 35 + 36

As I mentioned during the introductory lecture today, we have had some bad luck with out guest lecturers during the first two weeks of the course - one even called and cancelled earlier today.

We will thus cancel (or rather postpone) some lectures during this and the next week. This week there is thus only a lecture tomorrow (Tuesday) - and no lecture on Wednesday.

During week 36, it now looks like we will only have one lecture, on Fri Sept 7 (as well as a seminar on Thu Sept 6 - instructions to follow).

There will on the other hand be some weeks later where we will squeeze in an extra guest instead. All information about changes in the schedule will be posted here on the blog.

Here is a link to the course schedule - do note that the schedule does not take into account the changes I mention here in this blog post.

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