Thursday, August 30, 2012

On attendance

As I said at the course introduction earlier this week, there are few demands on you during the coming month. There is little to read and few seminars. What you should do though is attend the (few) seminars we will have and listen to our long line of guest lecturers. There is a requirement that you attend to >75% of all scheduled activities during the start-up phase of the course.

To help you keep track, I have created a Google spreadsheet where you can check out your attendance record this far. Do note that the document is not public on the web, but that anyone with the address (URL) can check it out.

The URL is:

My goal is to update this Google spreadsheet at least once per week. Please check it out now and then (especially if you suspect you will land close to the 75% limit). Please get in touch with me if you think the information in the spreadsheet is inaccurate.

1 comment:

  1. How many "scheduled activities" will it be? Can you print those out in the google doc? It's good to know, so we know how many lectures we can (but shouldn't) miss.