Monday, August 27, 2012

On how to use this blog

I (and Leif) will publish course-related information at this blog. I suggest you subscribe to the blog posts by RSS or mail or read the blog regularly in some other way.

I personally subscribe also to the comments, so if you leave a comment, I will see it - usually within a day. Please pose questions that other course participants might be interested in as comments to blog posts instead of sending the by mail to me - so others can see both the question and the answer. By all means, please do answer any question you happen to know the answer to - you don't need to wait for my answer. Do note that you can always see the latest comments on the far right on the screen.

Also and for your information, please be aware of the fact that a few of our guest lecturers (who will visit us during the coming weeks) also might read this blog so as to see who else will come and give lectures in the course!

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