Friday, October 12, 2012

Coordination meeting #1

We had the first meeting with the coordination group today. Here are those parts of the notes that should be of interest to everyone who takes the course:

- The final presentation will be held at 13-16 on Dec 7 in lecture hall F1 (500 seats!)
- There will be a general rehearsal the day before, Thu Dec 6. I have booked F1 from 13-20
- After the final presentation, I would like you to stay behind for a final summary & wrap-up

- Last year's projects are documented here if you want to have a look at The Future of Radio / Radio of the Future.

- Mid-term critique is scheduled for Nov 9 between 10-17 in lecture hall B1
- If you have any collisions with other courses, I would be very interested in knowing about them (to hopefully persuade other teachers to move stuff away from Nov 9). This is only interesting if not just one, but rather a group of students has this problem. Leave a comment here, or tell your project leader so we can discuss this at the next meeting with the coordination group.

- Next two meetings in the coordination group is Friday Oct 26 and Tuesday November 6 - both times in the seminar room 4523 (house D, 5th floor).

- Each group will write weekly status reports and post them to the companion blog. Deadlines will be on Fridays at 18.00. Since next week is exam week, the first deadlines will be Fri Oct 26, Fri Nov 2, Fri Nov 16 and so on. Remember that it is possible to include links, pictures, photos, movies on the blog! You will get more specific instructions next week (perhaps a template where you can see the categories you should fill out).


  1. Are the coordination group meeting times 12-13?

  2. Yes. That is the time that seems to fit most people the best taking into account other courses etc.