Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest lecture 15 - Oct 4 (10-12) - Johanna Ögren

Time and place: Thursday October 4 at 10-12 in lecture hall B1.

Title: "Who is a publisher in the digital future?"
Guest lecturer: Johanna Ögren, blogger and entrepreneur

Talk: Can anyone publish a magazine and what is a magazine these days? What do you need in order to create a magazine and how can you get publishers on board - if you need them at all? Can a blog be a magazine and vice versa?

About: Johanna is a well-known Swedish blogger and entrepreneur, founder of several websites that one way or another have turned into magazines. The most well-known is Bokhora (on literature) and Gadgette (on tech from a female perspective). She has experience working with well-known publishing houses and on how to mix traditional magazine births with more untraditional ways to start them up


  1. is the lecture from 10-12 or from 13-15? the blog and the schedule say different things.

  2. Your are right! I have so many courses and lectures and seminars right now it seems I sometimes can't tell them apart. The schedule is of course correct and I have changed the information above now.

    Thank you for commenting on this matter promptly here at the blog - I wouldn't want anyone to become confused and miss the lecture! Raising the question here was very much the right thing to do, so thank you again Leonore!