Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest lecture 18 - Oct 10 (10-12) - Skagermark & Gylje

Time and place: Wednesday October 10 at 10-12 in lecture hall K2.

Title: "Swimming against the tide? Glossy magazines in a digital world"
Guest lecturer: Pia Skagermark, Foreign Editor at Dagens Nyheter

Talk: Media consumption habits have changed - but have people changes? Or do they still want well-written stories, in-depth and investigative journalism? When publishers all over the world are mourning the decline in print publishing, we launch a glossy magazine with content that reflects one of Dagens Nyheters' core strengths: foreign journalism

About: Pia Skagermark is Foreign Editor at Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest morning newspaper with a daily circulation of some 380 000 copies. Pia is a journalist since 25 years and she was awarded "Stora Journalistpriset" [The Great Journalist Award] for investigative journalism in 1997. She is former Managing Editor at DN, is married to journalist Peter, 56 and has children Karl, 21, Alice, 15 and Viggo, 9.


Title: "Visual journalism in a digital age"
Guest lecturer: Magnus Gylje, Editor K magazine, Svenska Dagbladet

Talk: Digital platforms create unique opportunities for visual storytelling and in-depth journalism. I will talk about the creation and production of Svenska Dagbladet's Ipad magazine SvD Insikt, awarded best tablet experience by the Society for News Design alongside The Guardian and National Geographic. I will also tell you why we decided to quit publishing Insikt in September this year, after having published 12 issues as well as the key learnings from working with tablets and what I think the future holds for visual journalism.

About: Magnus Gylje is the editor of K magazine, the weekend culture magazine of Swedish morning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. He was also the editor of the Ipad magazine SvD Insikt. Magnus has worked in journalism for 15 years, focusing on culture, but also covering foreign and domestic affairs. He holds a masters degree in Psychology from Uppsala University and Edinburgh University. He lives in Stockholm with his family.

Preparations: Ipad owners can buy a digital issue of SvD Insikt. Number 7 is recommended. Non-Ipad owners: pick up a copy of K magazine - published together with Svenska Dagbladet every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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