Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dates for mid-crit and final presentation

I and Leif met the executive group Friday last week. As I said (at the seminar this past Monday Oct 1), we decided upon the dates for:

- Mid-term critique (whole-day event): Fri Nov 9
- General rehearsal: Fri Dec 6
- Final presentation: Fri Dec 7

Note: the course will end earlier than I expected, and you will thus have only have nine weeks to complete your projects (starting next week). You might thus have to work a little harder during these two months, but will also be finished with the whole course a little earlier (right before the exam period starts).

Note: I would like to be notified about Nov 9 collisions with other courses. If many students take that other course, I could have a chat with the teacher in question and ask him/her to move those other activities to another date. You can for example notify me about collisions by commenting on this blog post (much preferred to sending e-mail...).


  1. I have a seminar at 10 on the 9th of November -Social Media Technologies Course. On the 6th of December I have 4 seminars from 8 till 17 on Theory and Method of Media Technologies.
    And on the 7th of December I have 2 seminars on Social media Technologies

  2. There are two seminar groups in Social Media Technology. You can choose the other seminar group, or perhaps switch to the other seminar group temporarily on this particular occasion.

    Same thing on Dec 7. We haven't decided if we should do the final presentation in the morning or the afternoon, but you can again switch to the other seminar group on this particular occasion.

    It would be good to know if many other people also take the SMT course.