Monday, October 8, 2012

Meetings with project groups Thu-Fri Oct 11-12

All groups booked meetings (30 minutes) with Daniel and Leif on Thursday or Friday this week. We will primarily discuss your 2-3 pages long Project plans (please use the template in Bilda).

Do note that each groups must appoint a project leader (and a back-up). We have scheduled our first lunch meeting with the coordination group (Daniel, Leif, executive group + 12 project leaders) this coming Friday (Oct 12). Bring your own lunch and please show up in seminar room 1537 (house E floor 5) between 12-13 on Friday!

In fact, I wrote a blog post about what should happen in your projects this week already last week. Do read it now as a reminder!

Here is the schedule:

Thu Oct 11 - seminar room 1625 (house E top floor)
08.30 Hybrid magazines
09.00 Future of journalism
09.30 Future of collecting
10.00 Future of magazine distribution
10.30 Spotify
11.00 Upping the revenue

Fri Oct 12 - seminar room 1635 (house E top floor)
09.00 Usability issues
09.30 Audience of one
10.00 Senses
11.00 Hybrid magazines
15.00 Social recommendations
15.30 Dynamic ads


  1. Hi,

    Do all the members of the group have to appear on that meeting (asking since there might be some schedule problems to fit that exact time for all 5 people).

    Thank you