Monday, October 22, 2012

Instructions for the weekly status report!

Each group should post a weekly status report on the course companion blog. Every course participant has previously gotten an invitation to contribute to the blog, but only around 25% have accepted the invitation and have the right to post stuff there - send me (Daniel) a mail if you want a new invitation and send it from the email address you want the invitation sent to.

Do note that except for the weekly status report, you will in a short while be asked to provide some extra information about your group. This info will be used to present the course and the project groups on the course's soon-to-be-created public face - the homepage More info will follow in a separate blog post soon.

Here are the instructions for the weekly status report.

Deadline: Please submit your weekly status report every Friday starting this coming Friday (Oct 26), e.g. Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 23, Nov 30. You don't need to provide a status report on Nov 9 (mid-term critique) or on Dec 7 (final presentation).

Content of each weekly report:

  • Group name. You have the option to change your group name right now. If so, please choose a rather "boring" but descriptive name - you can rename your project for the final presentation if you want a more funny, flashy, cryptic or cool name. We have two "hybrid magazines" groups right now - at least one group has to change it's name. 
  • What we have done. What you (your group) have done during the previous week (since the previous weekly report)
  • What we will do. What you will do next (next step(s) in your project)
  • Problems encountered. Either within the group or in relation to you plans and "external" entities. 
  • Changes in the project. "Evolution"/change of direction of your project (optional). If you have altered or changed the direction of your project (compared to the project plan or to previous status report) - please tell us why. Please specify why.
  • Other. Whatever you feel is important or necessary to add to the status report. 
  • Tag each blog post with your group name (or an abbreviation). 
You are welcome to add pictures, drawing, links etc. to your blog posts!

Comment: As stated before, not just the final results, but also the process is important in the course. Please see the weekly status reports not only as us (teachers) examining you (students), but as your opportunity to tell us (and impress us with) what you have lately done in your project group, as well as a backchannel to point out obstacles and problems you have encountered. It is also a good way to improve intra-course communication (between groups) - perhaps some groups partly do the same thing and should get in touch with each other?

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