Friday, September 14, 2012

Applications to the executive group are open


As I mentioned in the introductory lecture, we will form a separate, special group called "the executive group" before all the other project group are formed. The project groups will be formed as soon as possible after the last (third) seminar (Oct 1), i.e. sometime during week 40.

The executive group will however not work on a magazine-related task/project idea during the project phase, but will instead be a "project management team" and an interface between on the one hand the teachers (Daniel and Leif) and on the other hand the students working in the project groups.

The executive group will perform a number of tasks, some of which are mandatory and some of which are optional:

- Lead the executive group

- Produce the book, "Future of magazines"

- Produce the final presentation/show "Future of magazines"

- Produce a Future of magazines project website (separate from the course website/blogs)

- Document the project (collect all material produced by the project groups and publish it on the course's web archive - perhaps including redesigning the archive itself)

- Marketing/sponsorship/advertising (optional)

- Whatever else you can think about (optional)

It is usually quite popular to be part of the executive group and make use of the practical media technological skill that students have acquired over the years. You therefore have to apply for a position in the executive group. Send your application (1 page) to Daniel (pargman at and Leif (leifh at by mail. The deadline is next Friday, September 21. Please specify what task or tasks (above) you are especially suited for and list relevant experiences and other reasons, arguments and supporting information that you would like to emphasize in your application. The executive group usually consists of around 5 persons.

Part of the responsibilities of all members of the executive group is to participate in regular lunch/work meetings (usually every second or third week) together with us teachers and with the project group leaders during the project phase (October - December).

Due to the fact that this group will interact with many persons outside of the course, only Swedish-speakning students are welcome to apply!

NOTE on grades: As apart from the other project groups, responsibilities will be divided/negotiated individually and grades will be set individually for members of the executive group (i.e. not all members need to get the same grade in the course). Even though the work in the executive group can be hectic at times (near deadlines), we feel that it does perhaps not demand the same effort as working in an ambitious project group. The default grade for members of the executive group is therefore a B or a C (assuming that you "deliver", i.e. that there is a successful final presentation in December, that we each do get a printed book at the end of the course etc.). While not impossible, members of the executive group have to perform outstanding work in order to have a chance at the highest grade in the course.


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