Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest lecture 6 - Sept 17 (10-12) - Olle Lidbom

Time and place: Monday September 17, 10-12 in lecture hall B2.

Title: "The hunt for old and new revenues"
Guest: Olle Lidbom, Media analyst

Talk: What trends are forming the magazine industry right now? What consumer behaviors will disrupt the magazine industry as we know it? How can magazines find new revenue streams in print, online and in other ways? Olle Lidbom will guide you through the state of the magazine business today.

About: Olle Lidbom is an independent analyst who works for various media companies in Scandinavia with business intelligence, strategies and concepts. Olle is also CEO at the digital agency Onyx, working with both media and other companies and is editor of the weekly newsletter "Vassa eggen" [Sharp edge] that analyzes international media trends in newspapers, magazines, web, web TV, mobile and advertising. Olle Lidbom lives with his family in Stockholm.

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