Thursday, September 27, 2012

Schedule change - extra seminar Oct 8

As I mentioned at yesterday's lecture, I have schedules one more - the 24th - activity in the start-up phase of the course and that is a seminar that will also be the kick-off for the project groups.

After next week's "brainstorming" seminar (Monday Oct 1) you will get to express your wishes about which project group you want to join (see earlier blog post) and you will then be divide into groups.

The following Monday (Oct 8) we will have an extra (4th) seminar where you will get to know which projects group you will join and where you will work do a "systems mapping" exercise according to instructions you will get at the introduction to the seminar (please arrive on time!).

Since the time slot I proposed yesterday (10-12) collided with a compulsory final presentation in a another course that eight or so students takes, and since it is important that as many of you come as possible, I decided to move this extra seminar to the 8-10 time slot (sorry). So, the extra seminar will happen:

Time: Monday Oct 8 at 8-10
Place: Hall M33 (the only lecture hall available on the whole campus)

Time edit has been updated accordingly.


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