Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guest lecture 5 - Sept 14 (15-17) - Scott Ritcher

Time and place: Friday September 14, 15-17 in lecture hall D3.

Title: "Storytelling"
Guest: Scott Ritcher, publisher and editor of K Composite Magazine

Talk: One of the most-loved things magazines do is show us things we've never seen and take us places we've never been. In fashion spread, business articles, news and features, they are telling us stories. Don Hewitt, the creator of the American TV news magazine 60 minutes, repeatedly instructed his reporters: "Tell me a story." That's what I try to do, and it's why I believer the future of magazines must include all the elements that made them wonderful in the first place.

About: Scott Ritcher launched K Composite in the 1990's as a photocopied fanzine featuring interviews with his friends. It grew into color printing and a free distributions model supported by advertising. K Composite moved to the iPad in 2011 and is available in 124 countries through Apple's App Store.

Scott was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His day job is Design Director for the Digital Media division of Bonnier Tidskrifter in Stockholm. He previously worked as a designer at Louiseville's daily newspaper The Courier-Journal, and at Hasbro Toys on projects for Star Wars, Disney and Jurassic Park.

Prepare for the lecture by checking out K Composite!
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