Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest lecture 10 - Sept 25 (9-11) - Kristina Sabelström Möller

Time and place: Tuesday September 25, 9-11 in lecture hall V2

Title: "Stunning technology is not enough - there's more to the Future of Magazines"
Guest: Kristina Sabelström Möller, PhD, MSc, Senior Project Manager Business Development at Kvällstidningen Expressen AB

Talk: TV did not kill radio and the Internet does not automatically kill print. It is very easy to be swept away by hyped technology, but far more difficult to find the right business models and to understand the consumption patterns for media. What are the driving forces? And there still opportunities for business and new revenues in print?

About: Dr Kristina Sabelström Möller has a long background working with publishing in digital media. With a starting point as a researcher focusing on organization, content handling and technology for multiple channel publishing at KTH, she moved on to working internationally for the publishing association WAN-IFRA. Her work for WAN-IFRA included management consulting for international news organizations, trend spotting and project management within the area of digital media. Since March 2010, Kristina is senior project manager at one of Sweden's largest evening newspapers, Expressen, coordinating the complex project of starting to charge money for digital content.

Comment from Daniel: Kristina did both her undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees at KTH/Media Technology. We are very happy to welcome her back for this guest lecture!

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