Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Changes in the schedule

Do note that there were some changes to the schedule before the course started - please check the whole schedule carefully if you only checked it in one or two weeks in advance of the course start. The two remaining seminars were for example shifted around before the course started, but at a late point in time.

We have however had to postpone some lectures after the course started, i.e. some of the scheduled lectures during the previous two weeks have been cancelled, but others will appear during the four remaining weeks following this week (e.g. week 38-41). I have taken the following courses into account when adding lectures to the schedule: AK2203, AK2038 and DM2573.

These are the changes in the schedule (a fully updated schedule can be found here):

New lectures:
- Monday Sept 17 at 13-15 (hall H1)
- Tuesday Oct 2 at 8-10 (hall M3)
- Monday Oct 8 at 13-15 (hall H1)
- Wednesday Oct 10 8-10 (hall K2)

Change of time & location:
- The lecture on Sept 25 at 8-10 has been changed to 9-11 (to fit our guest lecturer better) and the lecture has also been shifted to hall V2

Change of location:
- Monday Sept 17 at 15-17 - moved to hall H1
- Wednesday Oct 10 at 10-12 - moved to hall K2

Do note that there is one extra lecturer that I've been hunting for a long time as we really want that person to come. If I am successful, I will schedule an extra lecture whenever it will be convenient for the head or R&D and Bonnier to come. I will of course write a blog post about it if there are any further changes in the schedule during the remaining weeks of the start-up phase.

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