Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest lecture 13 - Oct 2 (8-10) - Åsa Moberg & Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei

Time and place: Tuesday October 2, 8-10 in lecture hall M3

Title: "Future magazines - environmental impacts?"
Guest lecturer: Åsa Moberg, Assistant Professor in Environmental Strategies Research focusing on Sustainable Communication in Media & Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei, Ph.D. student in Environmental Strategies Research

Talk: What are the environmental impacts of current and future magazines? This will be discussed and illustrated by a case study of the printed and tablet versions of a Swedish interior design magazine. 

About: Åsa Moberg is a researcher trying to assess the environmental impacts of media and communication solutions. Most of her research is performed at CESC - Center for Sustainable Communications at KTH.

Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei conducted research on environmental impacts of both the printed and the tablet version of the Swedish magazine "Sköna Hem". Energy and environmental assessment of electronic distribution of media over the Internet and mobile networks are also part of his research interests.

Boguski, T. (2010). Life cycle carbon footprint of the National Geographic magazine". The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Vol.15, No.7, pp.635-643.
Note: Available in Bilda.

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