Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest lecture 8 - Sept 17 (15-17) - Kerstin Neld

Time and place: Monday September 17, at 15-17 in lecture hall H1.

Title: "The market and challenges for Swedish magazines today"
Guest: Kerstin Neld, CEO of Sveriges Tidskrifter [The Swedish Magazine Publishers Association, SMPA]

Talk: While Kerstin will show some slides, the talk is very much dependent on questions from the audience. Kerstin has a helicopter perspective of the Swedish magazine market, so do take the opportunity to bring any and all questions you have to the lecture.

About: Kerstin Neld had been CEO of the Swedish Magazine Publishers Association (SMPA) since 2009. SMPA is Sweden's largest media association with 376 different magazine titles as members. Kerstin has a long background in publishing, starting as a trainee in the Bonnier Magazine Group in 1989. Kerstin worked in a variety of marketing and advertising positions within the Bonnier Group for a decade, for example being part of the team that launched the successful women's magazine Amelia in the mid-1990's. From 2000-2009 she was the CEO of the publishing company TTG which is owned by the dutch Telegraaf Media Groep, being part of the launch of the interior design magazine Residence in 2000 and the Swedish edition of Cosmopolitan in 2001.

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