Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seminar 3 instructions (Mon Oct 1)

Our next seminar will be held on Monday afternoon. Here are the instructions for how to prepare for that seminar:
Correction: the seminar is naturally Monday before lunch, as can be easily seen by having a look at the schedule.

1) Read through all the 31 (!) magainze- and future-related topics in the blog post directly following this blog post. I harvested these topics from your essays and from our guest lectures. As I am abroad right now and kind of busy, I did not have the time to fix things up further (for example spending more time putting these proposals up a "logical" order, writing better descriptions etc.).

2) "VOTE" HERE for your four favorite topics. These are the topics you could imagine yourself working with during the project phase, or, that you at least would like another group to work with during the project phase. Your vote is a vote on interesting topics - not a pledge of yours as to what you want/will work on during the project phase. NOTE: perhaps I was better at formulating certain topics than others - but your task is to see through and look beyond these short descriptions and imagine what these topics could be developed into!

3) NOTE: We all meet in the seminar room D34 for initial information. Please be on time as we will divide you into seminar groups as quickly as possible after we start! Late arrivals will have fewer options! Do note that we have to squeeze together as the seminar room only has 48 seats!

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