Monday, September 24, 2012

Lecture 11 - Sept 26 (13-15) - Daniel Pargman


Time and place: Wednesday September 26, 13-15 in lecture hall D3

Title: "Beyond scarcity and abundance"
Lecturer: Daniel Pargman

Comment: This lecture replaces a cancelled guest lecture. I can't say that I was hoping for a lecture to be cancelled, but I was waiting for it and will step in and replace it with a lecture of my own, as well as some timely information about the upcoming group formation process (next week) as well as some administrative information about the project phase and the schedule for the rest of the term.

Talk: This year it is not enough to explore the future only in terms of conservatively extrapolating from the present (e.g. predicting a future that is much like today except a little bit more so in terms of technology, economy/business models and habits/user behavior). Some of the best and most interesting project results have been accomplished when groups have dared to posit some more fundamental, radical, disruptive "non-linear" change in terms of technology, economy/business models and habits/user behavior (or law, or world events, or...). I will exemplify and also challenge you to go beyond a "safe", "predictable" future in your project groups. 

About: Dr Daniel Pargman has been responsible for the course "Future of Media" during eight out of 
ten years since it's inception in 2003. The course has for the most part found its form but he still experiments with parts of the course where there is still room for improvement. 

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