Thursday, September 13, 2012

Attendance requirements

I got a question (in the form of a comment to a previous blog post) about attendance;
- how many activities (lectures and seminars) are scheduled all in all?
- how many do I have to attend?

Yesterday's guest lecture (Pontus Jeppsson, IDG) was the 6th activity in the course. There are another 17 activities scheduled (15 lectures and two seminars) - starting tomorrow and ending on October 10. That is a total of 23 activities. I'm still trying to hunt down yet another guest (head of R&D at Bonnier). But let's then say that no matter if we have 23 or 24 activities, you will pass the start-up phase of the course without any problems if you miss a maximum of 6 activities (occasions).

This message is actually slightly redundant, you already have access to this information if you look at the course PM (available in Bilda) and at the updated schedule. I have also updated the Google attendance document so that you can see all remaining activities also there.

You'll get more specific information about coming guests and the topics of their talks as soon as I get that information - i.e. usually something like 2-7 days in advance of the lecture.


  1. Thank you for the explanation!
    Professor Daniel, I missed the first lecture and I wonder what is that "essay 1" in Google docs? Can i write it?
    Thank you in advance
    Mary Shalukha

  2. Yes, please do even if it is very very late. For instructions, see:

  3. Hej,

    I can see in the attendance list that we have 2 lectures on 2nd and 10th of oct, while in updated schedule there is only one. If that is correct can you please attach times for the second lecture these following days.

    Thank you

    Katarzyna Maciaszek

    1. I take it back, just saw the changes, apologies