Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guest lecture 4 - Sept 12 (15-17) - Pontus Jeppsson

Time and place: Wednesday September 12, 15-17 in lecture hall E3

Title: "New mindset, new business model"
Guest: Pontus Jeppson, Head of Mobile at IDG Sweden

Talk: IT newspaper Computer Sweden has turned it's business model around by shifting it's focus from being a print publication charging for distribution into being a digital brand charing for content and services. This is one example of how media companies can adapt to new user behavior and new technologies. I will share the story behind that project, and talk about what we've learned form it.

About: Pontus Jeppson is Head of Mobile at IDG and is responsible for business and product development of mobile services, and has worked with all aspects of digital publishing, from sales and marketing, to editorial and development. IDG is the world's biggest technology media corporation, with publications in 97 countries. In Sweden, IDG is the company behind brands such as Internetworld, Computer Sweden, PC för Alla, Macworld, Techworld and Mobile is the fastest growing business area at IDG.

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